Smoked fish - Frozen fish and shellfish


JIPESCA is a recently created company formed by professionals with almost three decades of experience in the sector. Develops its activity as suppliers and marketers of smoked, frozen fish and seafood.

The main headquarters, manufacturing and logistics are located in Rábade (Lugo) and we have commercial offices in Pola de Siero (Asturias). In addition, the JIPESCA has an international headquarters in Chile.

Frozen fish and shellfish

In Jipesca we select the best products to elaborate frozen and smoked fish tastier and delicious.

Atlantic Salmon

Product: Atlantic Salmon.
Scientific name: Salmo Salar.
Presentation: IQF, Skin Wrapped, Bagged, Vaccum.
Packing: 10kg / 1 x 6kg / 6 x 1kg.
Elaboration: HON, Steaks, Fillets (skinless or skin on), Loins.

Giant Squid tentacles

Product: Giant Squid tentacles.
Scientific name: Dosidicus Gigas.
Presentation: Tray 1000-2000 Grs, 2000+.
Packing: 11kg aprox.
Elaboration: Giant Squid tentacles.

Giant Squid Fillet

Product: Giant Squid Fillet.
Scientific name: Dosidicus Gigas.
Presentation: IQF, Bagged.
Packing: IQF 1 x 6kg.
Elaboration: Skinless Giant Squid Fillet in strips 12×12 y 12×3.


Product: Hake.
Scientific name: Merluccius Capensis / Hubbsi / Australis.
Presentation: IQF, Skin Wrapped, Bagged.
Packing: 1 x 6kg / 6 x 1kg.
Elaboration: Steaks, Fillets (skinless or skin on).


Product: Cod.
Scientific name: Gadus Morhua.
Presentation: IQF, Skin Wrapped, Bagged.
Packing: IQF 11kg / IQF 6kg / 6 x 1kg.
Elaboration: Fillets (skinless or skin on), Loins.

Smoked fish

Our smoked fish maintains all its flavor and properties in both formats: fresh and frozen.

Smoked Salmon

Product: Smoked Salmon.
Scientific name: Salmo Salar.
Presentation: Bagged vaccum.
Packing: 1000/2000.
Elaboration: Sliced filet.

Smoked Cod

Product: Smoked Cod.
Scientific name: Gadus Morhua.
Presentation: Bagged vaccum.
Packing: 900/1500.
Elaboration: Sliced filet.

Other products

Elaborated products

Fillets, steaks, loins, portions… We have a wide range of product presentations.

Customized elaborated

We adapt our production processes to the needs of our client, bulk or bagged.

Bagged elaborated products

We take care of packaging your elaborated products: bagged, trays or vacuum.


We are specialized in the importation, packaging, storage, distribution and sale of smoked and frozen fish and shellfish internationally.

International presence








We have our own fleet of vehicles, with the latest technology in refrigerated transport controlled by GPS.


Our warehouses have capacity for 10,000 pallets distributed in 25,000m³ of cold storage facilities.


We have a wide and varied stock. As developers nationwide, we make all kinds of preparations with a wide range of presentations.


Out modern facilities are located in Rábade, Lugo, in our factory we have implemented the most efficient and sustainable technologies in the sector, in addition we have cold storage facility of 25,000m³, with capacity for 10,000 pallets.





Pol. Ind. Rábade, 23A
27370 Rábade
LUGO [Spain]

C/ Torrevieja, 8 – bajo
33510 Pola de Siero